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Founded in July 2003, fully private & independent, debt free.
• inNOVAtive PACKaging & interconnect company in Europe for microelectronics and opto-electronics.
• Individuals with 20+ years of micro-electronics packaging experience.
• Service from early design-in of new & custom packaging or interconnect all the way to chip assembly & test.
• Sourcing, Procurement and Quality follow-on to turnkey solutions.

A headquarter in Grenoble area since 2007

 • Member of MINALOGIC cluster

Provide to the European microelectronics, nanoelectronics, and opto-electronics industry
   - cost competitive materials, packaging & interconnect solutions from qualified and certified manufacturing lines,
   - European wide and multi-lingual support,
   - outsourcing “backend” headaches,
   - large vision of existing solutions,
   - a specialty for non-standard ideas,
   - creativity from mixing individual technologies and resources.

Be the “GLUE” between all the piece-part actors.

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